Many years ago, I was given the nickname Waldo, because friends could never find me.

I’ve been known to disappear into my own mind for extended periods of time to learn and excel at the newest thing that peaks my interest. I also tend to drift from the left, to the right brain.

Because of this, I have a wide range of experience and interests; Music, Martial Arts, Photography, Wood Working, Electronics, Poetry, Technology, Cooking, Home Automation, and more…

But through all this time, I’ve always drifted back to online development. Let’s face it, we all live our lives online these days. I’ve been a part of creating online presences from the dawn of the internet, and I’ve spent the last two decades developing online solutions that tie to the real world.

Take a look through my Portfolio, which includes only a few projects I have been involved with. I will continue to add to this over time. The artwork and photographs throughout the site are all my own. If you want to know more, or to get in touch with me, hit the contact page.